Bryn Athyn College Dual Enrollment Application

Brickman Center, as seen from the path leading towards the terrace, showcasing the blue-glassed tower

Dual Enrollment Application

Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools – Fall 2018-2019

The Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools and Bryn Athyn College are offering qualified ANCSS students an opportunity to enroll in two college courses during the students’ senior year at ANCSS.

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General Information

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Dual Enrollment Courses

  • Psychology 101 - Introduction to Psychology
  • Philosophy 102 - Introduction to Philosophy

Requirements for Admissions

To be eligible to enroll in these two courses students must first be admitted to Bryn Athyn College. The requirements for admission as a dual enrollment student are:

  • Currently enrolled as a junior at ANCSS and on track to complete junior year by July 2017.
  • Official, current, ANCSS transcript
  • High School cumulative, weighted, GPA of at least 3.3
  • Completing the form.
  • Letter of recommendation from an ANCSS guidance counselor, faculty member, or principal. Available here:

The deadline for completing the dual enrollment application is May 15, 2018.