Courses Offered 2017-18

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Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Courses Offered 2017-18

The courses listed below are those planned for the 2017-18 school year:

Church History 587. Divine Presence over Five Dispensations | Jan. 2 – Feb. 2
How the Lord addressed the changing spiritual needs of humanity in the five churches described in Heavenly Doctrine. Why the New Church is new and the “crown” of the churches. 5 sessions,
1.5 credits – Rev. Stephen Cole

Theology 513. Transitions, Perspectives of Death and Resurrection | Feb. 5-23
The role of society in the death experience, the psychological states leading to and from death, and New Church teaching on the resuscitation process. 3 sessions, 1 credits – Drs. Jane Hogan, Erica Hyatt, and Andrew Dibb

Theology 522: The Doctrine of Life | April 2 – May 4
The nature and practice of religion, the foundation of the Ten Commandments, and the role of human choice. 5 sessions, 1.5 credits – Rev. Grant Odhner

Religious Studies 550: Swedenborg’s Life and Times | March 7 – May 23
The Swedish context of Swedenborg’s intellectual and spiritual development, call, and revelatory works. Examines the geography, history, culture, and society of Sweden in Swedenborg’s time. 10 sessions, 3 credits – Dr. Jane Hogan

Theology 501: Heavenly Doctrines as Systematic Theology | March 7 – May 23
Introduction to core teachings of the Heavenly Doctrines and their interrelationships. Important perspectives on theology in general and New Church ideas in particular. 10 sessions, 3 credits – Rev. P.A. Rogers

For a complete listing of courses offered in the Master of Arts in Religious Studies program, see the Complete Course Catalog.