Courses Offered 2018-19

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Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Courses Offered 2018-19

The courses listed below are those planned for the 2018-19 school year:

Religious Studies 510. Methodological Approaches to Religious Studies | Aug. 22 – Nov. 2
Introduction to research methods valuable in investigating topics in religious studies, including scriptural hermeneutics and historical methods. 10 sessions, 3 credits – Rev. Dr. Andy Dibb

Theology 518. Doctrine of the Word | March 6 – May 15
The nature of inspiration and revelation, the structure and interrelationships of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Writings, and the roles of the literal and spiritual senses. 10 sessions, 3 credits – Staff

For a complete listing of courses offered in the Master of Arts in Religious Studies program, see the Complete Course Catalog.