Mathematics (ID)

Mathematics can solve many problems. Mathematics is the “magic” behind computers and all the incredible things they achieve. Science is built on mathematics (and everything is built on science). Mathematics can save lives—providing critical models in engineering and medicine and countless other fields. Mathematical principals can be used explain natural phenomena and theological perspectives. Learning to solve problems pragmatically yet critically will prepare you to make a difference in many different fields.  The Interdisciplinary major presents a unique opportunity for students to combine studies of two liberal arts areas and to develop, in a structured way, the interrelations between these different fields of knowledge.

Program Strengths

  • Solve real-world problems using logic and reason.
  • Culminate your experience with a senior capstone that summarizes your knowledge.
  • Connect mathematical concepts with others areas knowledge.
  • Learn from experienced professors who genuinely care about your success.
  • Because this program focuses on application and use, everyone who majors in the Mathematics ID program will also take several courses in a second math-related field.

Mathematics Interdisciplinary Major

This program can be combined with any of the following areas:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Science
  • Psychology


The capstone experience is a mathematics project with a companion research paper. Before applying, students:

  • Should have a grade of B- or better in Mathematics 151: Calculus II, or an AP equivalent, OR
  • Should have a grade of C+ or better in the two previous 150+ level mathematics courses taken


Contact Information
Dr. Neil Simonetti
Head of Business, Math, and Computer Science Area

Course Examples

Our Faculty

Caira Bongers
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Faculty Council Chair

Caira Bongers

Caira Bongers teaches courses in calculus, and both elementary statistics and calculus-based...
Maret Genzlinger
Lecturer in Mathematics

Maret Genzlinger

Education BS, Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh Accomplishments Summer program...
Angela Rose
Head of Education Program / Instructor in Education and Math

Angela Rose

Angela Rose was a classroom teacher for 17 years. She has taught kindergarten through...
Neil Simonetti
Department Chair and Professor of Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics / Director of the Interdisciplinary Program

Neil Simonetti

Dr. Simonetti’s research focuses on a dynamic programming algorithm for the Traveling...