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The study of religion is central to academic life at Bryn Athyn College. Religion majors have the opportunity to pursue a program that is unique to our institution. Nowhere else can you earn an undergraduate degree covering New Church theology and its special perspective on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, world religions, and the application of religion to life.

Program Strengths

Within the Bryn Athyn College Religion major, you can choose to focus on one of a number of areas, including:

  • Evangelization and Outreach
  • Church History
  • Sacred Languages
  • New Church Philosophy
  • Religious Education

Hands-On Learning

Religion majors at Bryn Athyn have a wide variety of experiential education opportunities available to them, including:

  • Working as a greeter at Bryn Athyn Cathedral
  • Teaching at the local Bryn Athyn Church School
  • Leading tours about the history of religion at Glencairn Museum
  • Helping develop programs at the New Church Office of Outreach
  • Helping with education and outreach efforts at New Church societies in New Zealand, Ghana, and around the world

Spiritual Curriculum

As a Religion major, you’ll study New Church doctrines in depth and complete a capstone project on a religious subject of your choosing. You’ll also benefit from the resources of the Swedenborg Library and the wealth of knowledge from the graduate programs at our Theological School.

Contact Information
Rev. Scott I. Frazier
Head of Religion Major and Sacred Languages

Our Faculty

Andrew Dibb
Dean of the Theological School

Andrew Dibb

About Dr. Dibb’s first posting after theological school was in Kitchener, Ontario,...
Rev. Scott Frazier
Head of Religion Major and Sacred Languages / Instructor in Latin, Hebrew, and Religion

Rev. Scott Frazier

Rev. Frazier specializes in theology as well as the sacred languages of the Word...
Coleman Glenn

Coleman Glenn

Education MDiv, Academy of the New Church Theological School BA, Religion, Bryn Athyn...
Thane Glenn
Associate Professor of English, Religion, and Writing

Thane Glenn

About Rev. Dr. Glenn specializes in rhetoric and composition, late medieval and early...
Grant Odhner
Assistant Professor of Religion

Grant Odhner

Rev. Odhner, who serves on the faculty of the Theological School and teaches religion...
Grant Schnarr
Assistant Professor of Religion / Assistant Chaplain

Grant Schnarr

Grant Schnarr has had a career in pastoral work in Glenview and Chicago, IL, and...
Ray Silverman
Associate Professor of Religion and English

Ray Silverman

Ray Silverman serves as Associate Professor of religion and English. He has edited,...