Martha Gyllenhaal

Associate Professor of Art and Art History

Dr. Gyllenhaal is an art historian and painter who integrates humanities and the fine arts in her teaching. She enjoys using the art collections in Glencairn Museum to enhance her classes. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and encourages her students to plan their own grand tours. Her passion is 17th century Dutch art. Her research focuses on the studio practices and working methods of Rembrandt and the artists in his circle.


  • PhD, Temple University (17th century Dutch Art)
  • MA, Temple University (19th century Art History)
  • BFA, Carnegie-Mellon University (Painting/Printmaking)

Areas of Expertise/Interest

  • 17th century Dutch art
  • Studio practices and working methods of Rembrandt and related artists


head shot of Martha Gyllenhaal
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Doering Center 114
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