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Learning happens at all stages of life — not just when you’re enrolled in a degree program. Bryn Athyn College offers a variety of life-long learning opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds. Covering a range of interests, these classes, workshops, and seminars can be taken independent from a degree program. Certain workshops offer the opportunity to earn credit for an additional fee. 

glass instructor working with studentBuilding Arts Workshops at Bryn Athyn

The Building Arts Workshops at Bryn Athyn present blacksmithing, stained glass, mosaic, and stone carving courses taught by nationally recognized master craftsmen. In addition to participating in hands-on workshops, participants watch demonstrations, examine original medieval artifacts, and explore Bryn Athyn’s own National Historic Landmarks.
Learn more about the Workshops at Bryn Athyn here.

Glencairn MuseumWriting Workshops at Bryn Athyn College

Workshops for established and aspiring writers of all ages.

Learn more about writing workshops here.



two children digging in dirtNourishing the Senses: Therapeutic Education for the 21st Century

In an increasingly technological world, teachers need to consciously help children connect with the sensory world and each other. Come to the Doering Center at Bryn Athyn College on June 22nd from 9:00 am-4:15 pm for presentations in the morning by Nina Phillips and Angela Rose from Bryn Athyn College’s Education Department. Artistic workshops in the afternoon will offer practical ways to nourish the senses. Learn more about the Education Workshop here.