Published April 18, 2017

"words have power" written in white chalk on a blackboard

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! The following work comes from Bryn Athyn College students: the first are haiku that were submitted anonymously to a BAC haiku contest; the final piece is a poem written by Bryan Martinez.


Stand in a meadow

You see the vastness of it

Yet the woods seem small



I sit in silence

Stars caress each leaf with light

Autumn, I thank you



You are powerful

Your dreams are attainable

Believe in yourself





Rain or Shine, We Fight

Don’t Give Up, For We Are Free

Believe In Yourself





What are Dreams Without An Imagination 

What are Dreams Without An Imagination

What is Imagination without your Dreams

Dreams are made in the far distance within clouds

Imagination is held with one simple spell

It goes up and up like a helium balloon

With fire beneath its wings

As it touches the sky; the night sky

The Stars Above

The balloon pops


The fire beneath becomes an ocean of waves

A flame of oceans swimming in the sky

With one attached


sunset scene


green meadow with blue sky

night time shot of fall tree leaves







white tree next to lake







sunset over water with clouds