Resident Assistant (RA) Application

students walking across the green outside of the residence suites

Please submit this form and your application letter by Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

General Information:

Housing Preference

If you have any preferences for where you are placed as an RA, please check an option below. We will take your preference into consideration along with the staffing needs of each residence hall. Please note that if it is your first year as an RA, placement is likely to be in the first year residence halls.

Personal Information

If you have had previous work experience, please list one employer as a professional reference.

Letter of Application

Please submit a formal letter of application (roughly 200-500 words) in response to the following questions: Why do you want to be an RA? As an RA, what can you contribute to the life of Bryn Athyn College residence halls? What qualities make an idea RA candidate? What would you gain as an RA? 

Please submit your response via email as an attachment to: