Pythia Journal

Inaugural Issue

Check out our inaugural issue at – special features include interviews with master blacksmith Warren Holzman and novelist Chandra Hoffman, poems from Amanda Leigh Rogers’ first published book of poetry, and Alanna Rose’s essay about sustainable eating at Cairncrest Farms.

Pythia journal is an online platform for arts, literature, and spirituality. Pythia was created in 2014 after the student editors saw the need for a way to showcase the wealth of artistic talent they saw at the College, in the Bryn Athyn area, and beyond. The editors hope that Pythia will serve as a creative hub where writers and artists can gather, glean inspiration, and be celebrated.

Pythia features quality fiction, poetry, art, essays, and interviews. We welcome creative and thoughtful contributions on any theme or in any style—we strive to give our readers and viewers a fresh, enjoyable, and stimulating experience. Our top priority is to publish work that takes our breath away, and that stays with us long after we have read it.

Pythia is named for the Oracle of Delphi, who spoke in verse, prose, and riddles. She was perhaps the most important prophetic figure in the Classical world. Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, wrote on the subject of Delphic prophecy that “the god whose oracle is at Delphi neither speaks plainly nor conceals, but indicates by signs.” This balance between clarity and obscurity is indicative of good writing as well. The skillful writer seeks neither to pander to the reader nor to make the text needlessly obscure, but to communicate enduring truths through the “signs” of metaphor, imagery, place, and character.

We hope that Pythia becomes for you what it is for us—a quiet haven for relaxing, reflecting, and relishing the power of art and writing.

Get Published

Pythia is edited and maintained by Bryn Athyn College students, but submissions are open to all. We welcome submissions of fiction, poetry, art, and essays. You can view our submission guidelines, and send your work to moc.l1488219009anruo1488219009jaiht1488219009yp@sn1488219009oissi1488219009mbus1488219009.

You don’t want to miss this chance to see your work appear in a high-quality journal alongside the work of professional, award-winning writers and artists from all across the country. And if that isn’t reward enough, remember that employers and graduate programs are always impressed by publication credits!

Get Involved

Any student interested in writing, editing, or publishing can get a head start on their future career by getting involved with Pythia. Pythia offers numerous invaluable opportunities, not only for English majors, but for students interested in web design, marketing, communications, event planning, and more.

Students can create personalized, credited internships with Pythia, and in the process make an impressive addition to their resumes. Opportunities are available to work as editor, copy-editor, webmaster, social media manager, interviewer, and more.

Students will have the opportunity to work closely with talented writers and artists from all across the country, as well as with Dr. Kristin King, our dedicated faculty advisor.

Contact Editor Rebecca Gyllenhaal at moc.l1488219009anruo1488219009jaiht1488219009yp@sn1488219009oissi1488219009mbus1488219009 if you want to get involved. We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re a student, community member, or appreciative reader.