Unplanned School Closings

The residence suites in the winter, covered in snow during a storm

Unplanned School Closings

Authorization: The president, dean of academics, dean of students, and registrar (with Dean’s input) are authorized to cancel classes.

Determination: The causes for unplanned cancelation are varied, and so is the process for making the determination. Typically, we cancel classes when there is a local state of emergency declared stating that roads are too dangerous to travel.

Anticipated Weather Event: If classes are cancelled due to an anticipated weather event, the college community will be informed through “Call-em-all” and email by 7:00 AM the day of the event.

Weather during the day: If a storm builds during the day with the potential of endangering travel home at the end of the day, classes may be cancelled. An email will be sent to the college community as soon it is determined that classes will be cancelled.

 When classes are not in session: staff will be informed by their supervisor whether to work from home in inclement weather.