Residence Policies

Residence Policies

Our residence life policies are designed to meet the needs of every resident to the best of our ability, while ensuring the health and welfare of the entire residence community.Our student conduct policies emphasize acting honestly, respectfully, and charitably. To this end, our residence life policies seek to encourage appropriate and respectful treatment of fellow students, to maintain a campus free of alcohol and drugs, and to uphold an atmosphere of mutual respect. All residence life policies are enforced with a system of fines and warnings, specific to each residence building. When necessary, additional disciplinary action may be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of all residents.

Residence Policies

Resident Responsibilities

As a member of our residence life community, each resident is expected to:

      1. Consider the needs of others as well as her/his own needs. Living in close proximity to other residents necessitates that each resident respects the rights of others to study, sleep, and be safe and secure.
      2. Communicate with staff and other residents and to ask for help when needed. If a resident needs assistance, the residence staff and other professionals are eager to assist, whether it is with an academic problem or a personal situation. Other may not always be able to tell, however, when a resident needs help. Ask for help. Effective communication is an important personal and community responsibility.
      3. Demonstrate a commitment to community. We encourage all residents to get involved to ensure that they benefit as much as possible from living on campus. Attending required residence meetings and taking part in regular cleaning is expected of all residents as members of the campus community. We expect residents to get to know the other residents others on their floor and in their residence hall, and to take part in residence life social activities.
      4. Promote safety and security. All residents can help to ensure their own safety as well as the safety and security of others by: locking their rooms, closing doors that are propped open, not propping outside doors, avoiding walking alone at night, and reporting any suspicious persons to campus security. Each student shares the responsibility for maintaining a safe and secure campus.
      5. Important Dates (PDF)
      As stated in the Student Handbook, students at Bryn Athyn College of any age may not posses, transport, use, sell, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages either on campus and/or during any off campus college sponsored activity (Student Handbook, p. 53). Residence Life policies support this by enforcing the following:Any resident found to be possessing, transporting, using, selling, distributing or consuming alcoholic beverages on campus will be subject to a fine and reported to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. The minimum fine for alcohol related offenses is $50.00. The exact amount of the fine varies in accordance with the severity of the offense and is determined at the discretion of the residence hall director in consultation with the Director of Residence Life.
      Residence life has a proud tradition of service to the institution through resident cleaning of the residence halls. This tradition not only supports Bryn Athyn College’s mission of service, but it reinforces the value the college places on the formation of personal responsibility. As one resident put it, “We all live together and share the same environment, just like a home. Our home gets dirty and messy just because we live in it. It’s nobody’s fault; yet it’s everyone’s responsibility to care of our home.”Each resident is expected to give up to one hour each week to help keep their residence hall clean. Each residence director develops a cleaning system that best fits her /his residence hall. Residents are expected to follow the cleaning system and to fulfill the cleaning responsibilities as established by their residence director.
      All first-year residents under the age of 20 must be in their residence hall by 12:00 midnight on weekdays and 2:00 am on weekends. First-year residents may request extended curfew in the case of a particular event that ends after curfew, but extended curfew is a privilege and is up to the discretion of the residence staff. All other residents, including new and first-year residents over the age of 20, may set their own hours, and are expected to use good judgment in doing so.
Visiting Hours
Students of the opposite sex are permitted to visit in the public areas of all residence halls during the posted visiting hours of each building. Public areas include lobbies, lounges (Childs Hall and Grant Hall), living rooms (suites and cottages), and kitchens. Students of the opposite sex are not permitted in resident rooms or hallways leading to resident rooms. If a resident wishes to have an immediate family member of the opposite visit his or her room, special arrangements must be made with the residence staff member on duty. Faculty and staff are permitted in the residence halls at any time, but faculty and staff members of the opposite sex must remain in public areas within the residence halls.

First-Year Residence Halls
7 pm–12 am
7 pm–2 am
Upperclassmen Residence Halls
1 pm–12 am
1 pm–2 am
Housing Security Deposit
        All residents are required to submit a housing security deposit of $250.00 prior to the first time they move into on-campus housing facilities. This deposit is used to cover any damage incurred to a resident’s room during their stay on campus or any other residence hall expenses the student is responsible for such as the condition of their room upon move-out. If no damage or other charges are applied to this deposit when a student no longer intends to live on campus (upon graduation, withdrawal, or change of resident status), this deposit will be refunded in full to the student. If charges have been applied, the remaining amount (if any) will be refunded to the student. 


Residence Life Policies and Security Deposit

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