Summer Writing Retreat Agenda

Summer Writing Retreat Agenda

THURSDAY, August 2

4:00-6:00 PM arrival and check in

6:00 Cocktail reception on the green, welcome

7:00 Dinner at Brickman

8:00 Guided Meditation

FRIDAY, August 3

7:30 yoga (all levels welcome)

9:00 Breakfast (Brickman)

10:00-10:50 Master Class 1 Writing Narrative: how to make your novel or memoir great (Darin Strauss)

11:00-11:50 Master Class 2 “Write What You Know (Or What You Wish You Didn’t): Dealing with Tough Topics in YA Contemporary Fiction”. (Abbey Nash)

12:00 Lunch (Brickman)

1:00 Afternoon guided writing (staff)

2:00-3:45 Workshop session 1 (Chandra Hoffman)

4:15 Glencairn castle tour

6:00 Wine tasting in Glencairn

7:00 Dinner (location TBD)

8:00 Readings

9:00 Meditation

SATURDAY, August 4

7:30 yoga

9:00 breakfast (continental at the cottages OR voucher for BA Bounty Farmer’s Market)

10:00-10:50 Master Class 3 CREATIVE NON FICTION/MEMOIR “Writing/Righting your Life” (Amy Ferris)

11:00-11:50 Master Class 4 CRAFT “Down and Dirty Editing: See Your Manuscript With New Eyes” (Erin Blakemore)

12:00 Lunch (Brickman)

1:00 Master Class 5 NONFICTION “How to write fact based narrative non-boring non-fiction stories” (Susannah Meadows)

2:00-3:45 Workshop Session 2 (Chandra Hoffman)

4:00 Cathedral Tour or Pennypack Walk

6:00 Beer Tasting on the green

7:00 Dinner (Brickman)

8:00 Readings

9:00 Moonlight Swim

SUNDAY, August 5

7:30 yoga

9:00 Breakfast (Brickman)

10:00-10:50 Master Class 6 FICTION “Paddling Your Bathtub Into London—How Great Stories End” (Meg Waite Clayton)

11:00-11:50 Master Class 7 CRAFT/PROFESSIONAL “Building A Digital Author Platform” (Sydney Mathieu)

12:00 Agent/editor/publicist lunch panel Q&A with Heather Flaherty , Rebecca Gyllenhaal , Sydney Mathieu
1:00-2:00 Agent/editor 6 min pitch session

2:00-3:45 Final Workshop Session (Chandra Hoffman)

5:00 Transport leaves for dinner and jazz session at TBD with Michelle Lordi

10:00 Transport returns to cottages

MONDAY, August 6

7:30 yoga

9:00 Breakfast, closing remarks

11:00 Guests depart