Faculty Services

Faculty Services

Welcome Faculty! The staff of the Swedenborg Library provides special library services to support instruction, research, and information literacy.

Faculty Orientation

For a personalized tour of the library, an introduction to our staff and services, and an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss information needs, contact Library Director Carrol Traveny at 267-502-2531 or by email at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@y1513512052nevar1513512052T.lor1513512052aC1513512052 to schedule an appointment.

Reference/Research Assistance

Our librarians are available to assist you or your students with reference or research questions in-person during weekday library hours or by email or phone. You can also schedule an appointment by contacting Andi Sibley at 267-502-2654 or at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@y1513512052elbiS1513512052.idnA1513512052

Information Literacy

The library offers hands-on information literacy and research skills classes customized to your students’ needs. To book an instruction session with one of our librarians or the archivist, contact Andi Sibley at 267-502-2654 or at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@y1513512052elbiS1513512052.idnA1513512052

To request information literacy sessions, please complete our form at: https://tinyurl.com/BACmenu


To place any item (library or personal) on reserve, contact Janet Lockard at 267-502-2536 or by email at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@d1513512052rakco1513512052L.ten1513512052aJ1513512052

Be sure to note any specific instructions for the use of the reserve item, and include your initials, course title, and for which academic term or terms you wish it held.

Reserve Options

  • In-Library Use Only – Borrowers show ID card at the desk to pick up the item. The ID card must have a current library barcode.
  • Overnight, 2-Day or 3-Day Reserve – Item is checked out only in the last hour before the library closes and returned within the first hour on the date due.  There is a $1 charge per item after the first hour, and 50 cents for each additional hour the item is overdue.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) allows students, faculty and staff of Bryn Athyn College to access material that is not in the Swedenborg Library collections. This includes print books (delivered by mail) and journal articles (delivered electronically.) For questions regarding Interlibrary Loan services, contact Gwynne Haladay at 267-502-2517 or at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@n1513512052aoL.y1513512052rarbi1513512052lretn1513512052I1513512052


For information, guidelines and access to the Copyright Clearance Center. For questions and additional information, contact Andi Sibley at 267-502-2654 or at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@y1513512052elbiS1513512052.idnA1513512052

Book Purchase Requests

The library strives to provide materials that support Bryn Athyn College curriculum. We encourage faculty to recommend library resources for purchase through their department heads. Subject-relevant book review cards from Choice (a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries) are distributed to the appropriate department heads and faculty.

Department Heads:

  • return to the library only those cards you recommend for purchase
  • initial each card for recommended purchase
  • note if it is an essential purchase

For book orders, contact Tara Earnest at 267-502-2483 or at ude.n1513512052yhtan1513512052yrb@t1513512052senra1513512052E.ara1513512052T1513512052. For major purchases, contact Carol Traveny at 267-502-2531. Faculty may also submit requests for purchase in person or by email.

Book a Room

To schedule use of the Friends Room (Main level) or the Group Study Room (Upper level) contact Janet Lockard at 267-502-2536.


caroltravenyCarol Traveny
Director of the Swedenborg Library