Bryn Athyn College offers a number of research opportunities for both faculty and students. One of our most prestigious research projects is our ongoing Deer Study, which works to track white-tailed deer fitted with high tech GPS/GSM radio collars in the suburban oasis of the Pennypack Watershed.

Each summer, faculty members are eligible for research grants from the institution, and many faculty members apply for outside research grants as well.

Faculty Research Projects

Max Blair
  • Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Hybrid Airborne Wind Turbine
Fredrik Bryntesson
  • The Chipola River Wildlife Sanctuary 1950-52
  • A Glorious Year: Ice Hockey at the Bryn Athyn Academy in 1920-21
Stella Evans
  • Expression of mCLCA3 Retina and in the Müller Cell Line ImM10
  • Characterization of a new mCLCA Family Member: mCLCA8
Sean  Lawing
  • Re-membering Auðr’s Hand in Eyrbyggja saga
  • Disfigurement in Old Norse-Icelandic Culture
Eugene Potapov
  • Monitoring of the Steller’s Sea Eagle in the Magadan District, NE Russia
  • Human Use of the Pennypack Preserve
Neil Simonetti
  • Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
Jane Williams-Hogan
  • The Making of a Modern Visionary—Emanuel Swedenborg: Eyewitness to the Apocalypse
  • Reason and Faith, Faith and Reason–A Human Project
Sonia Werner
  • Growth of the Female Mind
Wendy Closterman
  • Relationships between living and dead: Women’s roles in ancient Greek funerary ritual
Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

All of our majors are supported by research opportunities. As a biology major, you might join the Deer Study and track the movement patterns of white-tailed deer. As a history major, you might delve into the Archives and explore the cultural impact of the Bryn Athyn Historic District. As a psychology major, you work under a clinical psychologist, examining traits of autism.