Fitness Center

Bryn Athyn College Fitness Center

Bryn Athyn College Fitness Center

Membership at the Fitness Center is part of the Student Activities Fee for all Bryn Athyn College students. The Facility is conveniently located on the bottom floor of the College Center and accessible by the door facing the residence halls, elevator or from the side stairwell near the College store Kiosk on the main level. The Fitness Center offers aerobic and strength training equipment and an outdoor turf area for pre- and post-workout stretching. Participants are expected to sign into the Fitness Center before each work out and have a facilities usage waiver on file. Users may be asked to show their college Id to the fitness center attendant.

Fitness Center Hours

Visit the Fitness Center Calendar for updated information regarding closing or changes to the regular calendar.  The fitness center will be open during the academic year and closed during school closures, intersession breaks and during the summer. The schedule may also change for inclement weather situations.

Fitness Center Attendants should refer to the Attendant’s Schedule for information regarding their scheduling.

Faculty and Staff Usage

Faculty and Staff can use the Fitness Center for a fee of $104 per academic year and payroll deductions of $4.33 will occur each pay period upon completion of all forms required. Currently, there is no relative, guest, or community usage. All persons utilizing the facility must be 17 years of age or older.

(Staff and Faculty fitness center usage forms can be dropped off to Samantha Miller, Director of Health and Wellness or Human Resources at

Rules and Regulations

Access to Fitness Center and College ID

A valid Bryn Athyn College ID with is required to gain access into the Fitness Center, NO EXCEPTIONS. Students, Staff and Faculty must present a valid ID college card each time they enter the facility. If you have lost your college ID, please visit the Department of Public Safety office to replace your lost ID. The use of another person’s ID to gain access to the Fitness Center will result in immediate suspension of membership of both parties and referral for disciplinary action.

Fitness Center Attire

Proper athletic attire must be worn while using the Fitness Center. Sneakers, socks, athletic pants/shorts and T-shirts are considered appropriate attire. Bare feet or sandals are NOT permitted. During winter months and rainy days, please bring a dry pair of shoes. The facility attendant on duty may deny access to Fitness Center if you do not have a dry pair of shoes.

Food and Beverages

Other than water bottles, food and beverages are not allowed in the Fitness Center. A water fountain is located in the facility.

Tobacco-Free Policy

The use of tobacco products in the Fitness Center is prohibited. Participants who use tobacco products in the fitness center will lose their privilege of using the facility.

Equipment Sign-Out

A limited number of additional exercise/weight equipment is available for use within the Fitness Center and outdoor turf area. You may sign this equipment out at the front desk. The equipment must be returned to the desk before leaving the Fitness Center.

Fire Alarms and Emergency Exit

Whenever a fire alarm is sounded, immediate evacuation of the building is the appropriate response. If there is a fire alarm while you are using the facilities, you must immediately leave the center through the lower level side doors closest to the residence halls and remain outside until it has been announced that it is safe to reenter.

Health and Safety

If you have the flu, a cold, or any other contagious illness, please do not train in the facility. Using the Fitness Center with a contagious illness puts you and all other members at risk. Illness causes an individual’s system to become weaker and the likelihood for injury increases significantly when training under these conditions. Furthermore, given the nature of physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily. Disinfectant wipes are available in the Fitness Center for cleaning perspiration from the pads and benches. Please be courteous of fellow Fitness Center members and use the supplies provided in the areas that you use.


Any participant who incurs an injury or becomes dizzy/ill while using the centers should immediately contact a Fitness Center attendant for assistance. In cases requiring more extensive first aid, Fitness Center staff will contact the appropriate persons for assistance. It is important that Fitness Center staff be notified of any cases of injury or illness so that proper procedures can be initiated. An Accident report should be filled out by the participant and fitness center attendant on duty.

Personal Items

All personal Items, backpacks etc. should be stored in the locker rooms in lockers using a personal lock. Bryn Athyn College is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Lost and Found

Articles lost in the facility are kept behind the front desk as you enter the center. The facility is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles or for any items left at the front desk while you are training.

Cardiovascular Equipment Usage Procedures

Cardio equipment is on a first come, first serve basis. We ask that you please limit use to 30 minutes, while people are waiting. Our facility attendants can assist you if you have any questions or concerns. Please wipe down cardio equipment after use.

Weight Lifting Policies

  1. For the courtesy of all Fitness Center members and for safety reasons, all lifters MUST re-rack their own dumbbells and weight plates after they have finished using them. Furthermore, having weights spread throughout the center poses obvious hazards. Continued failure to abide by this Fitness Center policy may lead to the suspension or termination of your membership.
  2. Please DO NOT slam or drop the weights.

Membership Revocations and Suspensions

The Fitness Center staff is responsible for enforcement of college policies and Fitness Center policies and procedures. Participants must respect the authority of the Fitness

Center staff and respond to their directions accordingly. Courtesy for other members, staff and the equipment in the Fitness Center is expected and required. Loud, boisterous or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with college policies and Fitness Center guidelines may result in immediate eviction from the fitness center, revocation of membership and disciplinary action. By entering the Bryn Athyn College Fitness Center, you are entering at your own risk and agreed to abide by these policies and procedures any participants failure to adhere to the fitness center policies and procedures will lose their privilege of using the facilities.

Replacement, Damage and Theft

Participants are subject to replacement charges for damaged equipment as a result of their reckless or negligent behavior. Participants who remove any Fitness Center equipment or property from the facility will lose privilege of using the facility, may be charged for replacement of the equipment or property and be subject to disciplinary action.

Unauthorized Access

Any person who enters the Fitness Center during unstaffed hours will lose their privilege of using the facility and be subject to disciplinary action.

Inclement Weather

During times of inclement weather and college class cancellations, the Fitness Centers will make every effort to remain open. There may be times, however, that a staff member is unable to make a shift due to weather conditions and the Fitness Center will be closed. Please feel free to call the Fitness Center during these times to check on the status 267-502-2473.


No speakers are allowed in the fitness center as cardio devices all have entertainment options that can be used with head phones. Please use personal music players with head phones for other fitness activities.

Team Use Request

Fitness center usage by teams can be requested through contacting the Director of Health and Wellness. Usage by teams must be scheduled in advance of a fitness session and follow NCAA guidelines for team usage.

By entering the Bryn Athyn College Fitness Center, you are entering at your own risk and agree to abide by the policies and procedures set forth by the Director of Health and Wellness. Any participants’ failure to adhere to the fitness center policies and procedures will lose their privilege of using the facilities and may be subject to disciplinary action.