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Brickman center with the fountain in the evening at Bryn Athyn College

Facilities Directory

Icon of the Asplundh Field House at Bryn Athyn College

Asplundh Field House | 2775 Buck Road

The 60,000 square foot Asplundh Field House, built in 1960, underwent extensive renovation and addition in the late 1990s. The facility now includes two gymnasiums, a wrestling room, a fitness center with aerobic and strength-training equipment, a dance studio, and classroom facilities.

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General Ronald K. Nelson Field turf at Bryn Athyn College

General Ronald K. Nelson Field3002 Cairnwood Road

General Ronald K. Nelson Field is located adjacent to the Brickman Center and the College Center. The synthetic turf field has easy access to our locker rooms, athletic training room, fitness facilities, and health and welness center.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Brickman Center Great Hall interior at Bryn Athyn College

Brickman Center for Student Life and Admissions | 2945 College Drive

The 28,000 square foot Theodore and Sally Brickman Center for Student Life and Admissions serves as an entrance and welcome center for the College. With a great hall, dining and kitchen facilities, offices for admissions and financial aid, the Alumni Association office, the President’s Office, and ample space for studying and student life activities, the Brickman Center serves as a central location for student life and information at the College.

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Bryn Athyn Cathedral near Bryn Athyn College campus

Bryn Athyn Cathedral | 900 Cathedral Road

Dedicated in 1919, Bryn Athyn Cathedral is a highly acclaimed Gothic and Romanesque style complex. The decorative aspects of the Cathedral are governed by a distinctive symbolism based on the teachings of the New Church. The building hosts special worship services for Bryn Athyn College throughout the year, and also serves as a center for religious and historical studies. Visit brynathynchurch.org/bryn-athyn-cathedral for more information.

Julia Schmucker, Tour Coordinator | 267-502-4600 | julia.schmucker@brynathynchurch.org

Cairnwood Estate entrance near Bryn Athyn College

Cairnwood Estate | 1005 Cathedral Road

Designed in the Beaux Arts style, Cairnwood Estate was completed in 1895 and served as the home of John Pitcairn, founder of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, until his death in 1916. After the Pitcairn family donated the house in 1980, Cairnwood stood vacant until 1994, when the Academy of the New Church renovated the structure. Today Cairnwood serves as an educational, cultural, and hospitality center serving the College, Bryn Athyn community and surrounding area. Visit www.cairnwood.org for more information.

Lisa Parker Adams, Education Coordinator | 215-947-2004 | info@cairnwood.org

Childs Hall patio at Bryn Athyn College

Childs Hall | 750 Campus Drive

Childs Hall, the largest residence hall on campus, houses 45 students in a combination of double and single rooms. Recent renovations to the downstairs lounges and entrance area provide an attractive space for student social events. A music room offers students an area for creative outlet. Kitchen facilities as well as a laundry room are available for student use. Just outside of Childs Hall, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and a student-built gazebo form a center for college social life. Bedrooms in Childs Hall are undergoing renovations during the 2016-17 academic year. The main lounge will remain open as an additional campus social center.

Jena Frey | 267-502-2429 | jena.frey@brynathyn.edu

College Center exterior at Bryn Athyn College

College Center | 900 College Drive

The Bryn Athyn College Center is the newest addition to campus. This perfect spot lends itself to students and their experiences at Bryn Athyn, offering many resources at their disposal. This 30,000 square-foot building serves as a hub for co-curricular activities, student life and student government association offices, a campus store, and more. Additionally, summer camps, company retreats, small group meetings, and other rental agencies can utilize this building for their many occasions and events.

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Cottages on the edge of Bryn Athyn College campus

Cottages | 751, 753, 755, 757, & 759 Campus Drive

In fall of 2008 four new residence cottages opened for student occupancy and is now used for event rentals. The buildings provide attractive, apartment-style living space for visitors. The entrance to each unit leads into a large living and dining area with cathedral ceilings. An open-style kitchen and guest bathroom add to the home-like atmosphere. Each apartment has two floors, each with two single bedrooms, one double bedroom, and a private bathroom. The cottages center around a U-shaped courtyard just across the road from Bryn Athyn College academic and residence life buildings. The cottages are each named in honor of long-time supporters of New Church higher education: Alden Cottage is named for Karl R. Alden, Gyllenhaal Cottage is named for Leonard E. Gyllenhaal, Hyatt Cottage is named for Morna Hyatt, and Woodard Cottage is named for George and Nancy Woodard.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Doering Center interior at Bryn Athyn College

Doering Center for Science and Research | 2915 Campus Drive

The 39,000 square foot Grant R. Doering Center for Science and Research houses science laboratories that facilitate undergraduate research projects along with classrooms and faculty offices. The Doering Center is located between Pitcairn Hall and the Swedenborg Library. The Doering Center for Science and Research was designed and constructed using the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System for new constructions. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized standard for what constitutes a “green building.”

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Fine Arts Building near Bryn Athyn College

Fine Arts Center | 2825 Benade Circle

The Fine Arts Center includes lab facilities for ceramics, drawing and painting, jewelry and metals, and traditional black and white photography. Classrooms, music practice rooms, galleries and rehearsal spaces are also available.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Glencairn town as seen by Bryn Athyn Cathedral near Bryn Athyn College

Glencairn Museum | 1001 Cathedral Road

Glencairn Museum, a unique structure based in the medieval Romanesque style, provides an unequaled educational resource for students through a remarkable collection of Egyptian, Ancient Near East, Classical, Medieval, Asian, and Native American art and artifacts. Several classes in history and religion are taught in Glencairn and students have the opportunity to serve as interns in the museum. Glencairn was recently featured as a winner in the Best of Philly section of Philadelphia Magazine. Visit glencairnmuseum.org for more information.

Leah Smith, Tour Coordinator | 267-502-2600 | info@glencairnmuseum.org

Grant Hall from back yard view

Grant Hall | 730 Campus Drive

Grant Hall provides housing for 34 women. Eight single-occupancy rooms are available to second year and above students in the east wing. First-year students are housed in twelve double-occupancy rooms and two single rooms for RAs located in the south wing. The facility also contains several lounges (one of which is a “quiet” study lounge), TV rooms, a kitchen and dining area, and laundry facilities.

Jena Frey | 267-502-2429 | jena.frey@brynathyn.edu

Junge Pavilion Ice Rink and Turf at Bryn Athyn College

Jungé Ice Rink and Pavillion | 3002 Cairnwood Drive

The James F. Jungé Ice Rink and Pavilion provides facilities for ice-skating during the winter season and a turfed athletic arena  during the remainder of the year. The facility is dedicated to long-time board member, James F. Jungé.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Lions Cafe

Lions Café | 900 College Drive

This made-to-order eatery is located inside the College Cafe and overlooks the General Nelson athletic field, making it a perfect spot to watch our Lions play and for families and fans to grab a meal before or after a game.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Mitchell Performing Arts Center at Bryn Athyn College

Mitchell Performing Arts Center | 800 Tomlinson Road

Originally built as a meeting facility and gymnasium in the early 20th century, the 439 seat Mitchell Performing Arts Center was renovated in 1999 and provides modern facilities for staging a variety of theatrical, musical, and other performances. Visit www.mitchellcenter.info for more information.

Naomi Haus-Roth, Mitchell Center Director | 267-502-2793 | boxoffice@mitchellcenter.info

Pendleton Hall with classrooms and offices at Bryn Athyn College

Pendleton Hall | 2965 College Drive

Pendleton Hall serves as one of the primary academic buildings on campus. The structure contains classrooms, the Registrar's Office, and faculty and deans offices. The commons and chapel support larger gatherings and a smaller student lounge offers ideal study or visiting space.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

External of the Pitcairn Hall at Bryn Athyn College

Pitcairn Hall | 801 Tomlinson Road

Named for the John Pitcairn family, whose generosity has resulted in a number of
outstanding buildings and facilities on campus, Pitcairn Hall houses administrative offices and meeting space. The beautiful structure provides office space for the Network Services department and other administrative offices.

Chandra Hoffman, Manager of Facility Rentals and Business Development | 267-502-4884 | chandra.hoffman@brynathyn.edu

Quad of Residence Halls at Bryn Athyn College Residence Halls | 820 Campus Drive

Cooper and Goodenough Halls opened for student occupancy in 2016. Connected via an attractive community space, each building provides three floors of predominantly double rooms and some single rooms for first year students. Study rooms on the first and third floors offer quieter, more removed space for homework and group projects or meetings while the second floor of each building is home to a media lounge with a flat screen TV. New coin-operated laundry facilities are provided on the ground level. Cooper and Goodenough Halls anchor one corner of a quad which is completed by the upperclassman suites—Brock, Gladish and King. Close to the dining hall, academic buildings and athletic fields, this residence building is also just steps away from outdoor basketball and volleyball courts as well as our student-built gazebo.  Cooper Hall is named for Sherri Rumer Cooper, a beloved former Bryn Athyn College faculty member and namesake of a fund for undergraduate science research at the college.  Goodenough Hall is named for Dan Goodenough, a former Bryn Athyn College administrator and esteemed Theological School faculty member.

Jena Frey | 267-502-2429 | jena.frey@brynathyn.edu 

Suites building at Bryn Athyn College Residence Suites | 822, 826 & 828 Campus Drive

In fall of 2010 three new residence suites opened for student occupancy. The buildings provide eighteen apartment-style suites for second and third year students. Each suite houses five students in two double rooms and one single, and each unit has a private bathroom, a living space, a full kitchen, and stunning views. The suites are located adjacent to Childs Hall and across the road from our residence cottages. Forming a quad with the new first year residence halls, Cooper and Goodenough, the suites sit in the heart of campus life. Just outside sit our basketball and volleyball courts, and our gazebo and BBQ pit are just down the path. The suites are named for important members of the Bryn Athyn College community: King Hall is named for Bishop Louis and Freya King, Gladish Hall is named for Dr. Robertand Margaret Gladish, and Brock Hall is named for Dr. Erland Brock.

Jena Frey | 267-502-2429 | jena.frey@brynathyn.edu

Swedenborg Library at Bryn Athyn College

Swedenborg Library | 2925 College Drive

Located in the heart of campus, the Swedenborg Library consists of 35,000 square feet of floor space on three floors. The building includes two computer labs, meeting rooms, and areas for group study, while housing over 130,000 volumes.

Carol Traveny, Swedenborg Library Director | 267-502-2531 | carol.traveny@brynathyn.edu