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Costs and Financial Aid

Bryn Athyn College is one of the most affordable private colleges in the nation. But that affordability does not come with a sacrifice to quality. Our classes are small, our professors are personally invested in our students, and we help our students find rewarding jobs or excellent graduate school placements after graduation.

We will work directly with you to develop a financial plan that best suits your family. Please contact our financial aid office, at or 267-502-6000 if they have you questions.

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Click here to fill out the FAFSA

Bryn Athyn College FAFSA code is 003228.

Our FAFSA deadline for priority consideration is February 15. We begin packaging in December and will continue beyond our deadline as funds allow.

Current Tuition and Fees

View more information on tuition and fees, financial aid, payment of fees, and scholarship opportunities below:

Financial Aid Forms

*Regular room and board charges for all resident students are $12,984 per year of three terms. Students who request and are approved for a single room will be charged an additional $1,000 per year of three terms. Requests must be made to and approved by the Residence Life Director. 

Bryn Athyn Increases Its Commitment to Affordability

Bryn Athyn College is proud to announce increased institutional financial aid to serve more students' needs. While Bryn Athyn remains one of the most affordable private colleges in the nation, for those who may think a private college education is beyond their reach, this news is a game-changer. 

Learn More About This Opportunity

Special Fees

Special fees for the academic year are outlined below.

Due by May 1. All new students, including transfers, are required to submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $200 to reserve a place in the new entering class. Once a student enrolls, this amount is credited to the student’s account.

Resident students are required to submit a housing security deposit of $250 prior to the first time they move into an on-campus housing facility. This deposit is used to cover any damage incurred to a resident’s room during their stay on campus. If no damage or other charges are applied to this deposit when a student leaves campus (upon graduation, withdrawal, or change of resident status), this deposit will be refunded in full to the student. If charges have been applied, the remaining amount (if any) will be refunded to the student.

All returning students are required to submit a registration deposit of $100 towards the next academic year’s tuition. Due by March 29th. This deposit is non-refundable after the due date and is credited to the student’s account for tuition.

The total fee for part-time students is comprised of a tuition fee of $967 per credit and a comprehensive fee of $66 per credit. Students who register for less than nine academic credits per term are considered part-time students. This amounts to $3099 per 3 credit class. Students ages 60 or older may apply for discounted rate of: $483.50 + $66 per credit. This amounts to $1648.50 per 3 credit class.

Auditors tuition fee is $182.00 per credit. This amounts to $546.00 per 3-credit class. Auditors aged 60 years and older are eligable for a reduction in fees of $91.00 per credit.

The graduation fee is charged to students receiving baccalaureate or associate degrees. The $100 fee for BA/BS recipients and the $75 fee for AA recipients covers the cost of diplomas, purchase of cap and gown and brunch during the graduation rehearsal. If you do not wish to walk during graduation, there is a $30 diploma only fee.

Students may apply for a bookstore voucher for a given term up to a maximum amount of $350.00 if their financial aid exceeds their charges for the term, so that they may purchase books and supplies in advance of their actual financial aid disbursement (which occurs 4 weeks into each term).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All required financial aid documents have been submitted to the Financial Aid Office
  • Student has no outstanding balance due to Bryn Athyn College
  • Student has filed the FAFSA and has financial aid resources that exceed their charges for the term they are requesting voucher
  • Student is registered for classes

How it Works:

Temporary COVID relief policy: If a student is approved for a bookstore voucher, the approved amount will be refunded in a paper check form. Due to our current process, approved funds may need to be sent directly to a student’s address on file, so please allow adequate time for check processing and mail delivery.

Application and voucher info.

For more information, contact the Bursar’s Office.