Assistant Professor of Biology Eugene Potapov at Bryn Athyn College

Eugene Potapov

205 DC

Assistant Professor of Biology


Dr. Potapov teaches environmental sciences, ecology, zoology and ornithology. He is involved with birds of prey conservation programs worldwide and carries out research in the satellite tracking of birds in various regions around the globe. Dr. Potapov is also involved in research and education at the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.  As early as 2011 he pioneered studies of raptors using Drones (he is co-teaching drones course with Ethan King).


  • Ph.D., University of Oxford
  • M.S., University of Leningrad


Poyser Monographs on the Gyrfalcon and Snowy Owl with Yale University Press/Academic Press/Bloomsbury

Areas of Expertise

  • Raptor biology
  • Animal movement
  • Arctic birds
  • Climate change