Board of Trustees

The fountain outside the entrance of the Brickman Center

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves as the governing body for Bryn Athyn College’s parent organization, the Academy of the New Church. The College President reports directly to the Board, which makes policy decisions in keeping with the mission of the institution.

Andrew Alden
Susan Asplundh
Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss*
Shaun Buss
Eric Carswell*

Colin S. Cole
Susan David deMaine
Rev. Andrew Dibb**
Emily Hasen
Rt. Rev. Brad Heinrichs**

Brett J. Heinrichs
Brian Henderson*
Duane D. Hyatt*
Brian Klippenstein
Charles W. Lindsay
Brent McCurdy
Hosanna Odhner
Isaac Smith
Phillip Zuber*

*Ex Officio member
**Non-voting member