Associate in Arts Degrees

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Associate in Arts Degrees

The Associate in Arts (AA) is a two-year liberal arts degree. The AA is not a prerequisite for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree at Bryn Athyn College and is designed for students who are leaving Bryn Athyn College before completing a BA/BS. Therefore, students qualifying for a BA/BS may not also receive an AA. For students planning to complete degrees elsewhere, the AA degree can be a good guide for course selection.

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Associate in Arts Degrees: Art, Biology, English, English Literature, History, Language, Mathematical Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Social Sciences.

Pre-Professional Associate in Arts Degrees: Building Arts, Pre-Nursing

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General Graduation Requirements for AA Degree
  • A total of 62 credits. Of the 62 credits required for the AA, a minimum of 33 must be Bryn Athyn College credits and the last 27 must be in residence. Note: Exceptions will be made in the final 27 credit requirement for those students in approved internships or approved courses or programs at other institutions.
  • Attendance at the College for at least three full-time terms.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better.
  • A passing score on the Information Literacy test.
  • The completion of the Core Requirements outlined below.
  • The completion of the Core Skill Requirements outlined below.
  • The completion of the Emphasis Requirements outlined below.
Core Requirements for AA Degree

Note: Core requirements may overlap with emphasis requirements.

  • 9 credits – Religion (including service and religion internships)
    Note: six credits must be in religious doctrine.
  • 3 credits – Moral or Civil course
    Note: may overlap with History/Social Science.
  • 3 credits – Worldviews
  • 6 credits – Writing 101 and 202
  • 3 credits – Fine Arts, Music, Theater, Dance*, or Literature
  • 4 credits – Science
    Note: includes Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics.
  • 3 credits – History or Social Science
    Note: may overlap with Moral/Civil.
  • 1 credit – Physical Education or Dance*

Total 32 credits
* Dance credits fulfilling requirement #5 may not also fulfill #8 and vice versa.

Additional Core Skill Requirements for AA Degree
  • Passing the Information Literacy test
  • Completing one course in QR and one course in either PP or IL.*

*Successful completion of the IL component of Writing 202 fulfills the IL course requirement for the AA degree.


Emphasis Requirements for AA Degree

All students must choose one emphasis from this list below and meet the corresponding requirements listed.

Art AA
  • Nine credits in dance, fine arts, music or theater, with at least three credits at the 200-level or higher
  • At least three of these credits must be in art history
Biology AA
  • Biology 122 and Biology 123 or equivalent AP credit
  • Three credits in biology at the 200-level or higher
  • Any three credits physical science or mathematics
Building Arts AA

Pre-professional Associate in Arts Degrees have unique requirements: Building Arts

Business AA
  • Bus141
  • Econ131 or 132
  • Bus254, 256 or 257. 

Any additional 3 credit courses in Business, Communications or Economics at the 200+ level 

Education AA
  • Nine credits in education with at least three credits at the 200-level or higher
English Literature AA
  • Six credits of English literature beyond Writing 101 and Writing 202
History AA
  • Nine credits in history with at least three credits at the 200-level or higher
Language AA
  • Six credits in a single language at the 200-level or higher
Mathematical Sciences AA
  • Mathematics 150 and Mathematics 151 or equivalent AP credit
  • Three credits of computer science or mathematics at the 200-level or higher
Philosophy AA
  • Philosophy 101, Philosophy 102, and Philosophy 111
  • Three credits of Philosophy at the 200-level or higher
Pre-Nursing AA
  • Introduction to Biology for Nursing Students (Biology 124) 3 credits
  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Biology 210/220) 8 credits
  • Microbiology (Biology 250) 4 credits
  • General Chemistry I & II (Chemistry 110/111) 8 credits
  • Statistics (Mathematics 130) 4 credits
  • Introduction to Psychology (Psychology 101) 3 credits
  • Abnormal Psychology (Psychology 201) 3 credits
  • Human Development: Lifespan (Psychology 204) 3 credits
  • Nutrition (Health 110) 3 credits
  • College Algebra (Math 115) or higher 3 credits
  • Introductory Sociology (Sociology 110) 3 or 4 credits
  • Expository Writing (Writing 101) 3 credits
  • Writing About Literature (Writing 202) 3 credits
  • Religion: Any four religion courses (including residency requirement) 12 credits
  • First Year Seminar (FYS 101) 1 credits
  • Electives 6 credits
    • Six credits from among the following: Anthropology 110; Philosophy 101 or higher

** Students who have received Advanced Placement (AP) test credits may use them to replace Biology 124 and any non-science or non-math courses. AP credits may not be used for any other math or science prerequisites.

Psychology AA
  • Nine credits in psychology with at least three credits at the 200-level or higher
Religion AA
  • 15 credits in Religion with at least six credits at the 200-level or higher
  • At least three credits in Scriptural religion and at least three credits in comparative religion
  • Courses used to meet residency requirements may be used to fill these requirements
  • Core requirements must include both a moral course and a civil course
Social Science AA
  • Nine credits in anthropology, economics, political science, or sociology
  • With at least three credits at the 200-level or higher