Transfer Students

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Transfer Students

Bryn Athyn College will evaluate and award credit for successfully completed college coursework from postsecondary institutions holding accreditation from any one of the six regional accrediting associations in the United States.  Our policy generally awards credit at the same level as credit was granted at the originating institution (e.g., a first-year course will transfer in as 100-level, a second-year course as 200-level); there may of course be some exceptions to this.  The college does not award credit for courses clearly intended to be a review of secondary school material;  such as “remedial,” “learning support,” or “developmental.” Included in this category are selected orientation and study skills courses, speed reading and note taking courses. For the same reasons, English as a Second Language courses are not eligible for evaluation or the awarding of transfer credit. Vocational courses are generally not eligible for evaluation.

The college will accept courses that are completed with a grade of “C-” (1.70) or higher. The college will not award transfer credit for courses that have not been completed (recorded as “I” or “In Progress”), nor for coursework from which the student has withdrawn (“W”, “WP”, “WF” etc.). The college does not award transfer credit for courses that were audited or given pass/fail grades (e.g. grades of “P”, “S”, “U”, or “CR”).

There is no limit on the number of transfer credits but there are a minimum number of Bryn Athyn College credits that must be earned before a degree is granted (62 for a Bachelor’s; 31 for an Associate’s).  Courses accepted from institutions operating on a quarter system are transferred at 2/3 (or .667) value.

All international transcripts must be evaluated, course by course, by an approved third-party evaluation service. The student is responsible for paying any fees associated with this service.  Recommended: World Education Services.

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Specific Equivalent Courses:

  • Anthropology 110: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • Business 141: Accounting I
  • Business 142: Accounting II
  • Chemistry 110/111: General Chemistry I/II
  • Comp Science 180: Structured Programming
  • Communication 105: Public Speaking (satisfies PP requirement)
  • Economics 131: Macroeconomics
  • Economics 132: Microeconomics
  • Fine Arts 120/220: Metal Work I & II
  • Fine Arts 125: Photography
  • Fine Arts 130/230: Ceramics I & II
  • French 101/102: Introductory French I/II (102 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Geography 110: World Regional Geography
  • German 101/102: Introductory German I/II (102 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Greek 110/111: Beginning New Testament Greek I/II (111 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Hebrew 110/111: Beginning Hebrew I/II (111 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Latin 110/111: Beginning Latin I/II (111 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Math 130: Introduction to Statistics (satisfies one QR requirement)
  • Math 150: Calculus I (satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Math 151: Calculus II
  • Music 113/114: Music Theory I & II
  • Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking
  • Philosophy 210: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Philosophy 211: Modern Philosophy
  • Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • Spanish 101/102: Introductory Spanish I/II (102 satisfies foreign language requirement)
  • Theater 110: Intro to Performing Arts
  • Theater 150: Dramatic Performance
  • Writing 101: Expository Writing (satisfies W requirement for Writing 101)