Distinguished Speakers Series

students attending convocation in the Pendleton Hall Chapel

Distinguished Speakers Series

Live Stream

The Distinguished Speakers Series brings outstanding alumni and friends of the College to speak to students and alumni regarding pertinent topics. Talks can be viewed in person in Pendleton Hall or online at http://live.brynathyn.edu.

Past Speakers:

  • Malcolm Walter, board member of Water for People and former COO of Bentley Systems – “From Climate Reality to Project Drawdown: Is This Happening To Us or For Us?” | Video
  • Mike Morton, director of emergency management for the Province of Ontario and member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team | Video
  • Elizabeth Khan, M.D., medical director of Personalized Longevity Medical Center – “What Do You Want to Achieve in Life?” | Video
  • Anders Gyllenhaal, senior editor at McClatchy – “Can the First Amendment Survive the Digital Age?” | Video
  • Frances Andrews, account specialist at Myriad Genetics – “It’s An Honor” | Video
  • Eugene Potapov, Ph.D., teaches environmental sciences, ecology, and ornithology. – “Birds, Gadgets, and How I Ended Up Sleeping in an Eagle’s Nest in Siberia!” | Video
  • Suzanne Nelson, Sc.D., R.D.N, assistant professor of nutrition, director of sports nutrition, and director of career education and Scott Jones, assistant AD, head athletic trainer, and health services coordinator – “The Servant and the Shepherd: Working with Athletes” Video
  • Glenn Bostock, CEO and president of Snapcab – “Finding Your Use” Video
  • Mike Pendleton, M.D., University of Louisville Department of Family Medicine – “Dr. Mike’s Excellent Adventures: Or How I Learned There is More Than One Way to be a Minister” |  Video
  • Feo Pitcairn, naturalist, cinematographer, photagrapher – “When I Grow Up” |  Video