Merit Scholarships

Student Goverment leaders stand in the Brickman Center colonnade at Bryn Athyn College

Merit Scholarships

We believe in rewarding academic achievement. Merit scholarships are awarded to qualified applicants upon review of the  application for admission. Each student is individually reviewed for merit scholarships. Each student is eligible for only one merit scholarship.

Bryn Athyn Increases Its Commitment to Affordability

Bryn Athyn College is proud to announce increased institutional financial aid to serve more students' needs. While Bryn Athyn remains one of the most affordable private colleges in the nation, for those who may think a private college education is beyond their reach, this news is a game-changer. 

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2021-2022 Merit Scholarships

Name Amount Added Housing Scholarship
Presidential $13,000 +$1,000
Founders $12,000 +$750
Deans $11,000 +$500
Achievement Award $5,500  


Freshmen/First-Time Students

  • Scholarships are awarded based upon the student’s cumulative high school record, including overall weighted GPA and strength of academic course selection. We recalculate GPA’s on a standard 4.0 grading scale, with added weight for honors and AP/IB courses.
  • For Fall of 2021 and 2022 applicants, SAT and ACT scores are not required for scholarship consideration. Test-optional applicants are given full consideration for scholarships.
  • We typically begin awarding at a weighted GPA of 2.75. The stronger the combination of academic records and other supporting credentials, the higher the scholarship.

Transfer Applicants

  • Scholarships are awarded based upon the student’s cumulative GPA from all colleges attended, the quality of courses, and the number of college credits completed.

All Applicants

  1. For full consideration, apply before our priority application deadline, February 1. We will continue to award scholarships after this deadline as funds allow.
  2. Merit Scholarship amounts are effective for students who begin attending BAC during the 2021-2022 Academic Year.
  3. Scholarships are renewable for up to four years of full-time undergraduate study, provided the recipient maintains an acceptable Bryn Athyn College cumulative GPA.
  4. A student eligible for tuition remission employee benefits who also qualifies for a merit scholarship will receive an adjusted amount of his/her merit award.

Scholarships can be applied to tuition and fees only. Full time enrollment is required.

BAC Faith-Based Grants and Scholarships

  • New Church Grant: $3,000 per year. The New Church Grant is a yearly tuition discount for students who are baptized into or who have a parent who is a member of one of the three recognized New Church organizations. In order to receive the New Church Grant, submit a New Church Grant Request Form online. Award is reduced by half if a student receives a merit award.
  • New Church Challenge Grant: New Church Challenge is excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for New Church teachers interested in enrolling in the Bryn Athyn College’s master of Science in Special Education program. We are offering a $1,000 tuition grant to each qualified applicant who desires to better support students with learning differences in their classrooms. Through usage of our Differentiation Fund, we are delighted to further our mission and support New Church communities in this tangible way. Requirements and the application form are on the New Church Challenge website.
  • Faith Education Grant: Available to students who are graduates of faith-based secondary schools: $2,700 per year is awarded to students who do not qualify for other merit scholarships, . Students receiving other merit scholarships from Bryn Athyn College will receive a $1000 per-year award.
  • Theta Alpha International Religious Studies or International Student Scholarship: This is an annual award for women who value a New Church higher education and who plan to attend Bryn Athyn College of the New Church. There are three (3) separate, annual scholarship awards available – two for $2,000 and one for $1,000. They may be used toward tuition, fees, and/or on-campus room and board. The award is granted for one year and will be paid directly to the college. Students who receive the award may reapply in subsequent years
    Please fill out the application for The Theta Alpha International Religion International Scholarship and for more information, view Theta Alpha International Religion International Scholarship Overview
  • Theta Alpha International Education Scholarship: Women who have been accepted to or are enrolled at Bryn Athyn College of the New Church, who desire to become New Church teachers and plan to pursue education as a major, minor, or as part of an Interdisciplinary Degree, are eligible to apply for this award. A scholarship award of $2,100 is granted to up to two recipients annually. One award is granted to a student who is new to Bryn Athyn College of the New Church (incoming freshman or transfer student), and one award is granted to a student who is currently enrolled at Bryn Athyn College.
    Please fill out the application for The Theta Alpha International Education Scholarship and for more information, view The Theta Alpha International Education Scholarship Overview
  • Theta Alpha International Master’s Degree Programs Scholarship: This is an annual award for the purpose of supporting women attending Bryn Athyn College earning a Master’s Degree who desire New Church teaching, wish to contribute to their community, and have a financial need. The annual scholarship award amount is $2,000 (paid directly to Bryn Athyn College at the beginning of the school year) for up to 2 recipients who exemplify the teachings of the New Church. This scholarship may be used toward tuition, or fees. These are annual merit and need-based scholarships and may be applied for yearly.
    Please fill out the application for The Theta Alpha International Master’s Degree Scholarship and for more information, view The Theta Alpha International Master’s Degree Scholarship Overview.

Outside Scholarships

  • Nobre Computer Services LogoNobre Computer Science/Math Scholarship: The Nobre Computer Science/Math Scholarship is available to a Bryn Athyn College Junior or Senior in the Interdisciplinary Degree major (Math or Computer Science area).  Candidates are selected based on academic merit at the end of the Sophomore or Junior year.  The $2,000 annual award may be received for up to 2 consecutive years.  Funding for this scholarship is provided by Nobre Computer Services.
  • Commonwealth Good Citizen Scholarship: The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) considers nominations from member institutions for the Good Citizen Scholarship.  The applicant must be a full time undergraduate student with an extraordinary commitment to community service and who has demonstrated creativity in shaping his/her volunteer activities.  Applications are submitted to AICUP in April.

Community Sourced Grants and Scholarships

  • The Oak Arbor Scholarship is for any student who is a member of, or in some way affiliated with, the Oak Arbor Church community. Selected students may receive up to $2,100 annually ($700/semester). Alternate sources of aid or support will be taken into account to determine award eligibility. The number of awards given annually may be capped. Contact Ashley McCarrie, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, for more information.

  • The Doering Fund Grant is offered to male Canadian students who meet certain eligibility requirements. Contact Rev. Jim Cooper for additional information.

  • South Eastern District map highlighting MD, WV, VI, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, and FL The Southeast District Grant is offered to students whose permanent residence is in one of the states included in the United States Southeast District, and who meet certain eligibility requirements. This geographical area is considered to be south of the Mason Dixon line and east of the Mississippi river (see map to the right). If you have questions or wish to apply, please contact the Southeast District Fund Committee at 11914 Chantilly Lane, Mitchellville, MD 20721 or email for additional information.

Some New Church societies offer private scholarships to students who are members of that congregation. Interested students should contact their society’s treasurer.

Contact for more information.

Don’t Stop There!

You may be able to bring outside scholarships to Bryn Athyn, even if you’ve received a Bryn Athyn merit award. The sites below are very good resources for finding additional scholarships:

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