Class Campaign

Class Campaign

Join a new tradition as a member of the graduating class and come together to raise funds for Bryn Athyn College. This initiative is a way of showing thanks and a commitment to our core values while leaving a lasting impact that reflects the class. Participation in the Class Campaign is your vote of confidence in the education you have received, and the opportunities provided to you. Now you can pay it forward so future Bryn Athyn Lions benefit as you did.

Donate Now

We hope that by giving back, we will help to shape future experiences for Bryn Athyn students. Thank you for your support.

Our purpose is to educate, engage, and excite students about the importance and impact of donor support so that they will continue the tradition of Alumni giving for future generations of Bryn Athyn students.

Educate . . . to educate Bryn Athyn College students about the importance and impact of donor support.
Engage . . . to engage students in the act of philanthropy, building a culture of philanthropy on campus, and supporting the values and mission of the College.
Excite . . . to excite students about participating in their Senior Class Campaign and begin an annual tradition of giving where graduates can show their pride in their College and start their lifelong connection to Bryn Athyn College as a donor to future generations of students.


The Philanthropy Cord Tradition

Philanthropy CordThe Bryn Athyn College Philanthropy Cord is a red and white cord worn as a symbol of philanthropic pride that graduating students wear at commencement. It demonstrates your pride and support for your college and the reciprocal commitment between Bryn Athyn College and its alumni. Seniors who give a gift of $20.24 or more earn the Bryn Athyn College Philanthropy Cord.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many students feel this way. The truth is, tuition only covers 85% of the costs of an education. The difference must be generated through the loyal support of alumni, friends, parents and other revenue.

Gifts of all sizes matters! Participation, at any level, effect the College’s rankings and ability to secure additional funds from outside organizations. Also, when you give, others are inspired by your example and give as well.

You decide! As a donor, you can designate your gift to The Annual Fund, The Lions Pride Grant or The Athletic Fund.