Bryn Athyn, Pa. –Bryn Athyn College is launching a new Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program for academically strong students. Students taking advantage of this program will complete their undergraduate degree using the traditional trimester system at Bryn Athyn College, finishing their degree program in nine trimesters over three years, rather than 12 trimesters over four years. This accelerated design is financially beneficial for qualified students, as they will spend less on tuition and have the opportunity to enter the workforce early.

While the option to complete graduation requirements within three years at Bryn Athyn College has always been technically available to students with proven academic strength, there was previously no structured pathway or formalized institutional support for helping those capable students complete in that timeframe. Majors with three-year degree pathways include biology, business, English and communications, human society, interdisciplinary, mathematics, psychology, and religion.

Dean of Academics, Dr. Wendy Closterman, says, “In striving to support all of our students pursue their academic and career goals, we recognize that, while a four-year program is still the best option for most of our student body, some particularly high achieving and career- or graduate school-focused students will be well served by this new intensive and rigorous program. We are excited to more formally accommodate the choice of these students to accelerate their path to graduation.”

After establishing a strong academic record at Bryn Athyn College, students interested in pursuing the Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program apply for admission into the program by March 15 of their first year. Click here for eligibility requirements and more information.