Bryn Athyn, Pa. — On June 15th, the following announcement was made from Bryn Athyn College President Brian Blair:

Dear Students, Parents and College Community,

The challenges of COVID-19 have required us to make changes for our 2020-21 academic year to provide sufficient time to prepare our campus for re-opening. Our plan is to open the campus this fall for in-person classroom instruction, full accommodations in the residence halls, access to all campus buildings, and a return to intercollegiate athletic competition. We will also be working in a high-flex instructional environment where students will be able to attend most classes via Microsoft Teams if they are unable to attend in-person. Further details will be released later on policies regarding on-line attendance.

All operations will require us to invoke recommended personal protection practices to minimize the risk of infection exposure. The new academic calendar has many changes that are departures from past years. We have made these changes from advice we have received from government agencies, academic and athletic associations, peer schools, and our own health and safety leadership.

See our revised 2020-21 Academic Calendar. Here are a few highlights we would like to make you aware of:

  • The College will open in September with classes scheduled to begin September 10. New resident students will move in on September 8 and the returning resident students will move-in on September 9. Student-athletes will also be invited to return on September 8.
  • The Fall Term will end on November 24 which is Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. The schedule calls for an extended winter break of five weeks through the holiday season. The Winter Term will commence on January 4. The five-week break gives us some contingency time should there be a need to react to unforeseen national health developments. Many colleges and universities are taking similar measures.
  • The academic year will end with the last day of finals on June 9, 2021. Graduation will be held on June 12th.

We cannot wait to see our students return to campus. On behalf of Bryn Athyn College, we hope everyone can find time to relax this summer. See you in September!

President Brian Blair
Bryn Athyn College

See our Covid-19 Responses and Plans