Bryn Athyn College is pleased to announce the new Lion’s Pride Grant, which ​makes the dream of a Bryn Athyn education ​a reality for more students. The College appreciates the donor support that ​started this fund, and looks forward to the opportunity to serve more future Lions.

Navigating the world of financial aid can be overwhelming for anyone, but the team at Bryn Athyn College works hard to ease this stress. From the many one-on-one conversations with prospective students, the Enrollment Management team has identified areas where additional assistance would help families overcome financial barriers. Now, with the help of the Lion’s Pride Grant, more students will be able to attend Bryn Athyn, obtain a degree, and ​realize their goals.

Bryn Athyn continues its commitment to affordability, ​most recently with increases to institutional aid and ​enhanced merit scholarship​s for resident students. Through the generosity of alumni and friends of Bryn Athyn, the Lion’s Pride Grant will make a positive impact on the lives of students. “We’re both inspired and grateful to the donors who have made this Lion’s Pride Grant possible,” says President Blair. “The benefits they see for the Bryn Athyn College students has prompted this kindness— we’re excited for all the good that will come from their generosity.”

To celebrate all the good that comes from a Bryn Athyn education and to kickoff fundraising for the Lion’s Pride Grant, the annual “Show Your Love Day” will be February 14th, 2022. Donations made will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling their reach. Stay tuned for more information about this fundraiser.