New Parking Plan at Bryn Athyn College

To accommodate Bryn Athyn College’s continued growth, there will be some important changes to parking requirements beginning with the 2017-2018 school year:

  • Separate parking lots/areas will be designated for the following groups (see map below):
    • Resident students;
    • Commuter students (open lots);
    • Faculty/Staff;
    • Visitors
  • There will continue to be designated spots for persons with particular needs (handicapped parking) or responsibilities (resident life directors, service vehicles, etc.)
  • The Pitcairn Hall and Junge Pavilion lots and the lot below Glencairn/Cairnwood across from the Cathedral will be open parking, available for commuters. New development based on sticker issuances as of 8/24/17: the Nelson Field Lot (Lot 5 on the map) will now be an OPEN lot except for 6 designated visitor spaces on the south end.There will be spaces designated in the Pitcairn lot for faculty/ staff and visitors. Additional parking is in the planning stages, including a gravel lot for resident students across from Grant Hall.
  • You will receive a communication from the Security Department this summer requesting your information and license plate number. Every vehicle registered on campus will receive two reflective parking decals.
    • The first (2”x3”) will resemble the decals used currently, but will not be color-coded. It will contain the school year (’17-18’) and an assigned four-digit number.
    • The second, smaller decal (1”x3”) will be color-coded for quick identification during parking enforcement. A different colored decal will be issued for 1.) employees, 2.) commuter students, and 3.) resident students. We expect that signage for each restricted lot will correspond with the sticker color of the eligible group.

New decals will be distributed in early August.

  • If you will be driving a car that does not have a valid parking sticker, it will be your responsibility to obtain an additional sticker or temporary hang-tag permit for your vehicle. Parking in lots or areas for which you do not have permission will be subject to enforcement actions including fines, booting, towing and revocation of parking privileges.
  • Additional details:
    • Lot restrictions will be enforced during the daytime hours of 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday during the school year. For weekday evening hours during the school year (from 4:00 PM until 7:00 AM), weekends, holidays, and dates when school is not in session, lots will be open unless temporary restrictions are imposed by Security.
    • Faculty/staff of the Academy Secondary Schools, Bryn Athyn Church, General Church, Glencairn or Cairnwood may access College faculty/staff lots during restricted hours.
    • Handicapped permits can be obtained from Security for a temporary disability. If all handicapped spaces are occupied in proximity to a building, Security will not ticket a car with a valid handicapped permit that is otherwise parked in an unauthorized location.
    • Admissions and other event planners will be expected to provide visitors with a visitor permit to hang on their mirror to facilitate Security monitoring and enforcement of authorized visitors during restricted hours. Visitors may also obtain a permit from the receptionist at the Brickman Center front desk.
    • Additional restrictions may be imposed by Security at any time without notice. This includes the addition of reserved spaces to accommodate staff or visitor needs. Students will especially need to be alert for notices of event restrictions at the Cathedral.