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Kayne Lermitte

Adjunct Professor of Business



Kayne Lermitte was baptized into the General Church in 1984, and moved to Bryn Athyn from Kirkland Washington in 1987. Kayne is a product of the New Church education system in Bryn Athyn, from Kay Alden's preschool, K-8 at BACS, 3 years at ANC (completing summer school to skip Sophomore year), and receiving a interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Psychology and History from Bryn Athyn College. He went on to get a Masters in Business Administration from Villanova University. During his time in the Bryn Athyn education system he worked in various volunteer organizations like Delta Mu in High-school, running Youth Groups in Bryn Athyn College, while participating in various leadership roles in the SIGMA and as Academian editor while at ANC. Kayne has participated in a variety of extracurricular activities including Soccer programs in both High-school and College - including serving as Soccer Captain at Bryn Athyn College. Kayne works as a Director of Digital Engagement at EPAM, a global software development and technical consulting company with over 60 thousand employees. Kayne spends his free time with Brittany and their 3 children, living in Bryn Athyn, attending and participating in local programs and events like HVAA soccer. Kayne seeks to support the mission of, and extend the legacy and uses provided by the Bryn Athyn Church, through service on the Bryn Athyn Church Board and teaching at Bryn Athyn College.


  • BA, Psychology and History, Bryn Athyn College
  • MBA, Business Administration, Villanova University

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Games
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Pickelball
  • Philadelphia Professional Sports Teams