Student Employment Opportunities

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Student Employment Opportunities

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Bryn Athyn College’s mission of the Student Employment Program (SEP) is to provide students with meaningful work experiences that build practical skills particular to a certain function and general skills such as punctuality, discipline, honesty, thoroughness, teamwork, and problem solving. This experiential education is a key aspect of a student’s educational experience.

Available Positions

Dates / Hours: Mostly weekends DEC - MAY, 2 - 5 hour shifts
Wage: Starting at $10.50
Reporting to: Kim Adams, AFH Community Coordinator

The AFH hosts ANC and BAC athletics as well as rental to organizations outside of the campus community. When AFH is rented or a special event is scheduled it is important that the building is supervised by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member or two. Rental / Events can be 1 - 14 hours long, many begin at 7:30am. A long rental or event would require more than one person covering shifts throughout the day.

Staff will sit in the lobby reception office, walking around the building often to monitor activity. There may be slow times during a shift. It can be a great time to get some homework done. However, being aware of building activity is the priority.

A staff meeting prior to each rental / event will allow time to discuss specifics. You will have access to information for emergencies and building use expectations. After a brief training session you will have the tools needed to do your job effectively.

General Duties and Responsibilities (not limited to those listed)

  • Monitor entrance and lobby activity
  • Help client access tables and chairs or other approved equipment for their specific needs
  • Help client return equipment following their event
  • Check bathrooms for general cleanliness
  • Empty trash cans as needed
  • Record issues with the vending machines for refunds as needed
  • Contacting Public Safety for parking violations
  • Be familiar with how to address issues as they arise (call 911, report a facility problem, call Supervisor)

Required Skills

  • Friendly and responsive to everyone
  • Punctual and attention to detail
  • Ability to work well with little supervision
  • Ability to work on a team
  • Good communication, listening and responding

Please send resume to Kim Adams, 

The Department of Athletics at Bryn Athyn College is looking for highly motivated student workers to assist the Athletic Department with game day operations. The work will range from set up to breakdown for game days, putting away equipment, cleaning up the athletic venues, assisting the table, multimedia production, and live stat crew. Game Day Workers assist in set-up, operation, and tear down of athletic events during the fall, winter and spring sport seasons. Duties include, but are not limited to: setting up field or court for games, providing assistance during contest in areas such as concessions, ticket operations, sport-specific activities (i.e. ball shagging, equipment operations), post-game tear down, clean up and securing of equipment, assistance with activities before, during or immediately following contests, and routine clean-up of athletic venues.  Punctuality and attention to detail are critical; duties may involve lifting up to 50 lbs and working in warm or cold outdoor temperatures; hours vary based on home game days for fall, winter, and spring and are based on scheduled contest. Hours usually occur M-Fr between 3:00 pm and 11:00 pm and Saturdays between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm.

To apply, submit an SEP application with your resume to for consideration.

Job Title: Chaplain’s Assistant: Wednesday Chapel Accompanist
Department: Bryn Athyn College Chaplain’s Office
Supervisor: Rev. Coleman Glenn, Bryn Athyn College Chaplain
Wage: $11.75 per hour
Hours: Up to 3 hours per week
Time Period: 2021-22 academic year

Duties/Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide music for Wednesday Chapel and occasionally for special services
    • Provide accompaniment for hymns
    • Provide prelude and postlude music
  • Communicate with the week’s minister about sermon subject and suggested hymns
  • Pick the opening and closing hymn if the minister doesn’t suggest any
  • Assist Wednesday Chapel Music Coordinator in recruiting and scheduling musicians for preludes and postludes
  • Assess the extent to which students’ spiritual needs are being met
  • Once per term, meet with Spiritual Life team to review and plan the Sacred Space program

Skills Required

  • Understanding of Bryn Athyn College’s spiritual mission
  • Strong ability in playing piano/keyboard and reading music
  • Sensitivity to the role of music in supporting the atmosphere of a worship service

If interested contact the Chaplain, Coleman Glenn, at


College Fitness and Field house Attendants are primarily responsible for providing a clean, safe and helpful workout environment for the users of the College Fitness Center. College Fitness center Attendants will be responsible for cleaning assigned areas and assisting with checking people into the fitness center. This position reports directly to the Director of Health and Wellness.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Willingness to maintain a clean and safe workout environment throughout each assigned shift
  • Checking Fitness Center patrons in and only allowing entrance to approved guests/members
  • Keep the fitness areas clean and make sure all weights and equipment are in their proper place
  • Assist supervisor in making sure weight benches and machines remain in the proper location
  • Clean equipment according to the assigned area
  • Enforce all building policies and procedures, such as no bags on the floor and proper dress code for all users
  • Execute emergency procedures when necessary
  • Report any incident of injury, theft, or broken equipment to the Supervisor
  • Attend scheduled staff meetings and trainings
  • Communicate effectively with and complete tasks assigned by the Building Manager and Supervisor
  • Communicate effectively with the Director of Health and Wellness
  • May be asked to complete laundry (run washer dryer for towels and uniforms)
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Maintain a clean and safe workout environment
  • Team oriented ideals, willingness to work hard, and a desire to learn
  • Effective communication and organizational skills

Preferred skills

  • Current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications

Potential hours total

  • 15-20 hours weekly (3-5 hour shifts)

Interested applicants should fill out a student employment application and submit it to You must specify on your application that you are applying for this particular position, or you application my be routed to the wrong department.

Once your interview is complete and you have been offered a job, applicants will be required to fill out additional HR paperwork before beginning to work.

Bryn Athyn College's mission of the student employment program is to provide students with meaningful work experiences that build specific hospitality related skills: customer service, retail, food prep, culinary skills, and general job skills such as punctuality, honesty, teamwork, and problem solving. This experiential education is a key aspect of a students educational experience.

SAGE seeks food service workers to join the team, to work side by side with dedicated chefs and culinary talent who appreciate the importance of preparing and serving a great meal together. The following duties and responsibilities required of this role include:

  1.  Front of the House: Setup, Restock,and Open Stations, on the: Main line, Fruit bar, Cereal, Beverage, Deli, and or Pizza, and Dessert Station. Serving at a station during the meal, breaking down station after the meal, refilling, wrapping, placing day dots on items, and storing food until next service. Clean wells and wipe down the serving line. Other duties: wipe down tables, refil napkins, srefill salt & pepper shakers, sweep the front and back of serving lines.
  2. Back of the House: Operate the dish room, learn how to set-up, and operate the dish machine, run dishes through the dish machine, restock the dishes, after all meals. Breakdown and clean the dish machine at the end of the service, pull the trash, sweep and mop the dish room area. Other duties helping out in the back of the house (kitchen) with odd jobs include: refilling milk, ice cream, juice machine, ice, stocking food, and assist with putting away orders.
  3. Food Service Prep- Students will work side by side with chefs!!! They will operate their own station.
    • Pizza Station-Students will learn how to make pizza's, cheese, pepperoni, and the special of the day,
    • Grill Station- Learning how to cook on the grill and flat top!!! Prepare hamburgers, grilled cheese, veggie burgers, specials, and french fries. Prep work for the condiments station, cutting tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and all the sides to go with the station. Restocking bread and hamburger rolls.
    • Deli Station-manage the condiment station, restock lunch sandwich supplies, meat, cheese, bread and rolls, during and after the meals. Restock the bagels and bread before and after the meals.
  4. Student Lead- Manages other student workers. Responsible for open or close of the Brickman or High School Dining Halls. Snow and Inclement weather temporary manager - the student would open the dining all, turn on the lights, start coffee, place out pastries, fruit bar, bagel station, until a Sage employee comes in. Other duties may include: cashier, some food prep, fruit bar, and baking or making cookies, jello, and pudding.

The Sage Uniform Policy: Student must wear closed toe shoes, pants, hair must be back. Sage will provide shirts.


Must be a student of Bryn Athyn College, and in good academic standing. Applicants should have great customer service skills, Sage will work with students’ schedules and give time off for the athletics. We need lots of students that can work a variety of shifts - all shifts, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekends. Not a morning person? -then only work at night. Early bird? -become our morning superstar. Students must be dependable, and have the ability to follow instructions, and display a sense of professionalism at all times while on duty.

Perks: One free meal a day when you work!!!

Interested applicants should send a student application, with a currant resume to Debra Pierce at

Gardening is a fun, wholesome, rejuvenating and a spiritual experience for many. On the Bryn Athyn College Garden Crew, we work with sustainable practices while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the campus. We approach gardening holistically, and thus your experience on the crew will be well rounded. We plant, weed, and maintain the flower and vegetable production gardens on the college campus. This is an outdoor job and the crew will work in the heat and cold, get dirty, work around bees, and various plant material. The work can range from detail oriented work such as weeding and tending beds to heavy work such as using weed whackers and mulching. You will want to wear clothes that are appropriate for such work (closed toe and heel shoes). If hired, bring plenty of water to keep hydrated, even when it’s colder. This is seasonal work (spring through autumn; summer work is available to local students).


Employee Expectations

  • 5-10 hours/wk, mornings, March through November (summer work is available to local students)
  • Punctuality, ability to stay on task, work with integrity, and complete given tasks with efficiency and quality; take initiative and pride in your work
  • Keep track of tools, use them safely and appropriately, and return them when done
  • Report any damage to the tools, equipment, or gardens to the supervisor
  • Dress appropriately (closed shoes, shorts must come to mid-thigh or longer, shirts w/sleeves must be worn)
  • Give supervisor 48 hours notice by text, call, or in person if you will miss a shift
  •  Keep on top of your academic work; it is your responsibility to balance employment with your school assignments

Interested applicants are invited to complete an SEP application (attached) and submit it with a current resume to .

Bryn Athyn College’s mission of the student employment program is to provide students with meaningful work experiences that build practical skills particular to a certain function and general skills such as punctuality, discipline, honesty, thoroughness, teamwork, and problem solving. This experiential education is a key aspect of a student’s educational experience.

Weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Approx. 7 hours per week. $8.50 per hour starting rate.

  • The Library Director seeks a student worker to perform the duties and responsibilities required of this role. Duties include library circulation functions.
  • Greeting and assisting the public with any questions they may have
  • Checking books in and out using the correct procedures
  • Preparing serials for check-in and shelving them
  • Overseeing the photocopier and computers
  • Performing closing and opening procedures as needed
  • Re-shelving books, counting patrons, some cleaning and assisting with other routines and projects.

Must be currently enrolled as a student of Bryn Athyn College and is in good academic standing. Applicants should be detail oriented, reliable, organized and have good people skills. Student must be very dependable, have the ability to follow instructions and display a sense of professionalism at all times while on duty.

Note: Weekends and evenings will be required. Interested applicants should complete a student application and submit with a current resume to

Standby Snow Crew

When snow, ice or other winter weather affects the Academy campus, the standby snow crew will be called upon to clean up and make the campus as safe as possible. Employees will be required to plow snow manually, operate paddle blowers, backpack blowers, spread salt, carry between 25lb-50lb salt buckets/spreaders, and work between 9-20 hrs (longer or shorter depending on the storm).

The snow crew will work at any time there is inclement winter weather regardless of day or time; there is no set schedule. The snow crew may be asked to work across the entire Academy campus: Bryn Athyn College, Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools, Bryn Athyn Church Elementary School, Bryn Athyn Cathedral, and Historic District.

It is expected that standby snow crew members will attend classes, athletic contests, athletic practice, play rehearsals, etc., or any other academic or athletic activity previously scheduled. If the snow and ice job has not been completed, employees are expected to communicate with the supervisor then return to the assignment immediately after the scheduled school activity has ended. Rate is $15.00 an hour. Must be reliable. To apply, submit an SEP employment application to 

The Human Resources Office occasionally learns of local off-campus jobs that are appropriate for college students.  The Director of Human Resources will announce these positions to students by email and by posting details on the Career Board in Pendleton Hall. Students are encouraged to contact the employer directly for more information and/or to apply by following the instructions on the posting.

Online Onboarding:

Students new to the College’s Student Employment Program (SEP) are required to complete all employment forms, while students who have worked for BAC previously must complete just a new W-4 and new Residency Certification Form prior to their first day of work each year. 

  • Student Employment Application
  • New SEP workers will be instructed to complete employment forms via online onboarding through our payroll system portal, with the exception of the I-9 form. New SEP workers are required to submit a completed I-9 form and show original ID to the Director of Human Resources as soon as possible after their start date.  Acceptable ID is listed on p 3 of the form: I-9 Form
  • Student Interview Scorecard – for supervisor use only

SEP workers are a vital part of the College community, contributing to the growth and success of the College and adding a valuable skill set to their personal wheelhouse.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 267-502-6038 or email