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Research Links

The Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

Swedenborg Studies Collections

Biblical and Swedenborgian

  • New Christian Bible Study – This site offers Bible translations in many languages, cross-referenced to all of Swedenborg’s theological works in many languages. Users also have ready access to the biggest library of online Swedenborgian commentary and research tools.
  • Kempton Project – the Bible cross-referenced verse-by-verse with references in Swedenborg’s theological writings.

New Church Thought and Resources

  • Off the Left Eye – livestreams, podcasts, and videos related to Swedenborgian thought
  • Studia Swedenborgiana – journal of articles related to Swedenborgian thought
  • The New Church – The General Church of the New Jerusalem, also known as the New Church
  • New Philosophy Online – The New Philosophy, a journal of articles about Emanuel Swedenborg and his teachings
  • New Church Life – New Church Life, a bi-monthly magazine about New Church ideas and happenings
  • New Church Vineyard – Sunday School resources from the New Church

Publishers of Works by Swedenborg

The Old and New Testaments