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Swedenborg’s Prism: Applications of Swedenborgian Spirituality

This two-day interdisciplinary seminar invites scholars to explore the many prismatic intersections between Emanuel Swedenborg’s paradigm of spirituality and spiritual movements, thought, and applications. Swedenborg’s contribution to spirituality has captured the attention of many important thinkers since his writings first revealed his contact with the spirit world in the late eighteenth century. The concept of spirituality he laid out, at once mystical and profoundly pragmatic, continues to have rippling implications in many fields. If you are interested in proposing a paper for the seminar, please see the call for papers below.

Location: Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania (optional remote attendance)
Dates: April 23-24, 2022

Seminar participants may attend in person or remotely.

This page will be updated with information on seminar schedule, activities for in-person participants, keynote speaker, and registration. Please check back!

Call for Papers

The Institute for Swedenborg Studies is seeking papers that investigate the role that Swedenborg’s model of spirituality has played or could play in a variety of areas. Suggested broad areas for papers to address might include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Relationships between spirituality and religion
  • Relationships between spirituality and religious traditions
  • Mystic, devotional, or spiritual practices
  • Interpretive models and practices
  • Relationships between psychological models and the spiritual mind
  • Swedenborg’s metaphysics and physics

Proposals of 150-350 words should be submitted to Institute director Thane Glenn, Please include identifying information (name, email address, and institutional affiliation, if any). Papers should last 15-20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute period for questions and discussion. Participants may attend the seminar in person or remotely.

Submission deadline: September 3, 2021