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Bryn Athyn Awarded Grant for Vocational Exploration Program

BAC was awarded a coveted $50,000 NetVUE (Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Exploration) program development grant during 2021-2023 academic years, enabling the pursuit of five initiatives to develop the Navigating a Useful Life program.... Read more


Rising Deer-Car Accidents Prompt Deer Study Internship

Frank Flowers has been helping track and map white-tailed deer patterns, learning how their habitats have been altered by humans, and gathering valuable... Read more


Alumna Helps Book Hundreds of COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Alumna Holly Adams works with a COVID-19 vaccine volunteer group, booking over 400 immunizations in her community, 100+ of which Holly has been able... Read more

Lacrosse athletes prepare to play on the field

Spectator Policy Allows Fans to Cheer on the Lions at Home Games

March 24, 2021

Bryn Athyn College Athletics is excited to provide the opportunity for home-team fans to attend home lacrosse games at...

Collage of men's athletes and Bryn Athyn Lions logo

Bryn Athyn Adds Men's Volleyball to Athletics Program

March 15, 2021

Bryn Athyn College is pleased to announce that the Lions will be adding a new program to the College's sponsorship profile...

Basketball team athlete leaps as to make a shot

BAC Lions Basketball Teams To Begin 2021 Season

February 26, 2021

The Bryn Athyn College men's and women's basketball teams will begin their condensed 2021 season Friday February 26, 2021.

Hockey team in action

Hockey Transitions to Club Hockey and Searching for New Coach

February 22, 2021

The decision has been made to return to Division III club play starting next year. Bryn Athyn College will begin a search...

1921 Bryn Athyn Hockey team

100-Years of Hockey Tradition

February 4, 2021

On February 4, 1921, a magical season began for Bryn Athyn Academy hockey. The 1921 team won every game they competed...

May 13 2021
7:00 PM Online Event

You are cordially invited to attend Bryn Athyn College’s Fireside Chat series...

May 15 2021
10:00 AM Bryn Athyn College

Come visit our beautiful campus and get to know us! Meet the professors, coaches,...

May 19 2021
11:05 AM College Center

We will be getting together outdoors for Convocation three times this spring on the...

May 27 2021
7:00 PM Online Event

Learn more about our dynamic graduate program designed for the working professional...