Senior Evelyn de Chazal worked with Professor Eugene Potapov on an internship she has named the BAC Bluebird Initiative.

Evelyn has a passion for birds. She is working with Dr. Potapov to build nestboxes for various songbirds. The end goal is to build at least 20 nestboxes to be placed around campus—most for bluebirds, but other songbirds, too. It’s important to Evelyn that the bluebird population cease its decline, as these birds eat many insects that humans consider pests. “Bluebirds are picky nesters, and their boxes are often overtaken by sparrows or other critters,” says Evelyn. “Providing them more spaces to nest should encourage them to settle in the area and ensure a steady population for future generations.” 

 She would like to give a huge shoutout to her dad, Aaron de Chazal, for “teaching her the ways of the workshop,” thus making this project possible. Evelyn believes providing nestboxes tailored to the bluebird will encourage them to settle in the area. 

It is a privilege to work with Dr. Potapov, and I am so lucky to get to help our local bird populations grow and allow them space to raise their young for generations to come. I'm happy for this project to be the way I leave my legacy at the college.” The BAC Bluebird Initiative is one creative example of the internship program at BAC, which provides opportunities for students to pursue both career-oriented and personal passion projects before graduation.