Bryn Athyn College is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Eric Carswell (AA ‘73, MDiv ‘79) as its incoming President in anticipation of President Brian Blair’s retirement at the end of the academic year. This interim appointment comes with unanimous support from Bryn Athyn’s Board of Trustees, Chancellor, and President Search Committee.  

Rev. Carswell brings with him a wealth of leadership experience, a graduate degree in school administration, and immense care for education. Many have been positively influenced during his career; whether they were students when he served as their teacher or principal, or individuals and families benefitting from his counsel and the community he fostered as their pastor. This appointment is somewhat of a homecoming for Eric, as he is not only an alumnus but also a former professor and dean of Bryn Athyn College Theological School. 

He is excited to serve Bryn Athyn College in this new way: 

College can be a powerful time to develop spiritual purpose, to think broadly and critically from a variety of perspectives, and to build intellectual and practical skills. It can be a time to benefit from cooperation and teamwork in the classroom and in athletics. It can be a time to develop friendships with people from varied backgrounds and with different life experiences. I have a deep appreciation for how Bryn Athyn College provides this education enriched, guided and structured by the foundational ideas of the New Church. My goal is to support Bryn Athyn College as it provides a broad and deep collegiate experience for the student community. It is an honor to join with the faculty and staff in this endeavor.

We look forward to Rev. Carswell's leadership as President at Bryn Athyn.