Bryn Athyn College’s community service organization, C.A.R.E., organized Trick or Charity event on Halloween.  The event is a spin on classic trick-or-treating. Rather than collecting candy, costume-clad students went door to door gathering donations for St. Francis Inn, a resource in Philadelphia that provides for those in need. Donations included toilet paper, canned goods, cereal, toothpaste, clothing, and much more. Keren Abrahams, President of C.A.R.E., expresses her gratitude to Julia Gabor for helping with event logistics, to the Bryn Athyn community for helping her revive Trick or Charitythis event that had long been part of Bryn Athyn’s autumnal traditions, and for the generosity of the local individuals who donated, “Without the community, I don’t think it would have been this successful.” 

Keren anticipated maybe a trunk-worth of donations, but was overwhelmed that the final haul filled her entire car. Members of C.A.R.E. had so much fun with this event. “It's not your typical volunteer event,” Keren reflectes. “This is a more fun and engaging event that allowed students an opportunity to become part of something a little bigger. Even though the event seemed small, at the end of the day it went toward something bigger, and that is the overall goal for C.A.R.E.”  

Following the drop-off, St. Francis Inn sent Keren a message to pass along to the community: “We’re so thankful for your donations; please let everyone know that this is such a tremendous help.”