The Health and Wellness Center hosted on-campus vaccinations for the College community, delivering the first of two Pfizer shots at the College Center on May 12th. Director Scott Jones announced the initiative in April, “I am happy to announce that we have partnered with Walmart to have an on-campus COVID-19 vaccination clinic for all student's, staff and faculty.” This first clinic vaccinated 65 students, staff, faculty and family members. The second dose will be delivered on June 2nd.

This clinic is part of many mitigation measures Bryn Athyn College has taken to ensure the health and safety of its community. Daily screening forms, mask requirements, hosting events virtually when possible, and additional precautionary policies have helped Bryn Athyn’s residence facilities stay open and in-person instruction to continue. Routine campus testing has also advanced, transitioning to a rapid testing format that allows students and staff to access their results in just 15 minutes.

In preparation for these vaccines, a virtual townhall was held to provide information and answer questions about the process. Dr. Susan Fidler, Bryn Athyn’s Medical Director from Medical Abington Associates, described how exactly the science behind the Pfizer vaccine works as well as its safety. “It’s a pretty elegant way to fight infection,” Dr. Fidler explains. “It’s just helping you make antibodies to the part of the coronavirus that attaches to your cell membrane and causes the ability to cause infection. It’s a pretty unique technology, although it’s been around for quite some time.”

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the increasing access to COVID vaccines. “Over the past year, we have felt the anguish of having to face limitations of in-person campus learning and activities,” says President Blair. “Now is the time, ‘Let’s Get Back’ and take control of campus experiences. COVID can be beat by getting vaccinated. Please join us by getting vaccinated and beat COVID 19!”