Bryn Athyn College women's soccer team delivered the first CSAC Championship in school history. Winning 2-0, the home-hosted matchup was against the fourth seeded Cairn University Highlanders.

The team's driving theme this year was appropriately "Make History."

In the days leading up to the game the College community shared in the excitement with the athletes, including a pep rally with a highlights reel and inspiring speech by beloved coach Bill O'Neill. This spirit continued into the weekend, adding palpable energy to Bryn Athyn's campus during the Saturday evening event. Fans, friends, and family showed up in Bryn Athyn red and white to enthusiastically support the Lions, despite the chilly weather. The sidelines erupted with shouts and cheers with each goal, made by senior Ashley Rivera and sophomore Allyson Paul.

The hill full of fans counted down with the team as the game came to an end, celebrating by storming the field, honking car horns, and ringing cowbells.

Congratulations to the Lions on this impressive achievement!

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