Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRR-C)

Bryn Athyn College students attending a chapel service

Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRR-C)

Bryn Athyn College provides an institutional review process through both its in-house Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRR-C) and through external review by the Holy Redeemer Health System’s Institutional Review Board (HRHS IRB). The in-house committee reviews proposals and refers these proposals to the HRHS IRB as appropriate.

This process reviews, evaluates, and sanctions proposals for human subjects research that are submitted from both faculty and students. Not only is approval by an IRB increasingly becoming a requirement for publication in peer-reviewed journals, but institutions engaging in human subjects research are expected to follow federal, state and disciplinary standards according to expectations of ethical treatment of research participants.

BAC’s HSRR-C provides the following services:

  1. Act as the review panel for submissions to be referred to the HRHS IRB, reviewing only research proposals that intend to utilize human subjects. This involves evaluating, approving, suggesting revisions for, or disapproving proposals intended for the HRHS IRB.
  2. Create, implement, and monitor campus-wide programs educating potential researchers regarding ethical research practices and how to avoid violation of human subject rights; generate a clear definition of what constitutes an appropriate submission for “research” at the College level; clarify and expedite the process for submitting a proposal to the review panel and HRHS IRB.
  3. Provide consultation and guidance without oversight, for faculty who intend to conduct classroom activities that consist of elements of research but do not meet the definition of research created by the panel.

For details regarding the submission process or further information please contact Dr. Marcy Latta at